Bucket Siler writes strange fiction.

Evacuation cover

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Evacuation is a revised, expanded version of a story I wrote for the zine I Have a Song for You. The story is about a girl and a teacher who try to escape a creepy, Kafka-esque day camp in the desert. Cover illustration by the amazingly talented Drew MC.

About Bucket

Bucket Siler is the author of five zines of short fiction. Her tiny, handmade story collections have sold over 2,000 copies nationwide. When she’s not writing or sleeping, she likes to wander around the desert, drink tea, give unusually long hugs to her friends, and make off-kilter jokes with a straight face. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, she has lived in New Mexico since 2006.

She is currently working on a feminist fairy tale about a witch who turns girls into weasels, illustrated by Lindsay Patton. The book is due out in 2017.

Bucket Siler

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Half personal, half fiction, all weird.

Personal/nonfiction. PRINT FORMAT.

Fiction. A dark, weird, and slightly gritty story about an ill-fated crush.

Half personal, half fiction. Dark and whimsical.