I Have a Song for You by Bucket Siler

I Have a Song for You (PDF)


A bit fictional, a bit personal. The stories in I Have a Song for You are sometimes magical, sometimes sad, and always thoughtful. Subjects touched on include acceptance, loss, home, family, giant vortexes, scary monsters, and squishy snack foods that may or may not actually exist. 33 pages. Originally published in 2010.


Her sensitive style combines a fusion of dream, imagination and reality into alchemical little stories that somehow succeed in being both self-contained and inconclusive, like the wind blowing through a little house with no doors.

– The Alchemist’s Closet

The stories in I Have a Song for You are darkly whimsical, and fantastical in nature, while still preserving a sense of realism.

– Pioneers Press

Siler has songs for the lonely, the lost, those most in need of something to believe in.

– Feminist Review