Further Distractions

Frolic in the garden with Further DistractionsShort stories and letters that are magical, strange, funny, and kind of sad. People who liked I Have a Song For You will really like this zine.

Available at Pioneers Press and in my Etsy store, or order one directly from me using the contact form. $3

"When language ignites my attention while I'm reading--and makes me want to keep on reading, then I know I've found a 'keeper.' ... If I received letters like those missives in Further Distractions, I'd be running to my mailbox the minute I got home from work." (One Minute Zine Review, DJ Frederick)

Everything Good and Beautiful

egb_optA graphic short story co-created with illustrator Frey Anya. $5

"A nicely zine-flavored comic about fighting self-doubt and isolation. The story about making a tremendous badness-thwarting list of awesome things moves through nice motions of becoming overwhelming, under-appreciated and self-defeating before finally settling into 'what it is that it is.' A bit like Lynda Barry's 100 Demons, a story about the cycle of creative processes and what it takes to get somewhere true." (Quimby's Bookstore)

I Have a Song for You

I Have a Song for You by Bucket SilerA bit fictional, a bit personal. The stories are sometimes magical, sometimes sad, and always thoughtful. Subjects touched on include acceptance, loss, home, family, giant vortexes, scary monsters, and squishy snack foods that may or may not actually exist.

"Her sensitive style combines a fusion of dream, imagination and reality into alchemical little stories that somehow succeed in being both self-contained and inconclusive, like the wind blowing through a little house with no doors." (The Alchemist's Closet) "The stories in I Have a Song for You are darkly whimsical, and fantastical in nature, while still preserving a sense of realism." (Pioneers Press) "Siler has songs for the lonely, the lost, those most in need of something to believe in." (Feminist Review)

Potentially Heartwrenching Distractions

Potentially Heartwrenching Distractions by Bucket SilerPrint copies of this older zine are still available on Etsy or directly from me for $2 (use contact form). OR you can download one in PDF format for FREE!

To read, print double-sided and fold in half.

Nonfiction stories and letters about traveling, love, and feeling awkward.

"Siler's prose sings. The writing is tight, the quips are crisp, and the language is unique." (Feminist Review) "Walking away from her zine feels more like walking away from a personal, gripping, intense conversation." (Broken Pencil) "A tight, satisfying perzine." (Xerography Debt)