Hello there.

I'm Bucket Siler. I write weird fiction, essays, creative nonfiction, prose poems, and how-to books. I also publish zines and organize a zine festival in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Thanks for stopping by!

Stories, essays, & whatnot:

"The Shoeless Man," Schlock! Webzine, Volume 18, Issue 2, December 2023

"Bitter Birds," Gastropoda, September 2023

"A Word of Advice About Your Writing Process," Words and Whispers, September 2023

"Besties," Wrong Turn Lit, July 2023

"The Man Who Followed the Light into the Woods," The Chamber Magazine, June 2023

"Creative People," The Smart Set, November 2022

"Crush," The Offing, April 2021

"The Santa Fe, New Mexico Chapter of the Sad Boys' Club of America," Atticus Review, March 2020

"Fever," Bracken, Issue V, January 2018

"P.S. While You Were Sleeping," Storm Cellar, September 2017 (second prize winner in the 2017 Force Majeure Flash Contest)


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