Bear Escapes Ebook


Inspired by Joanna Newsom’s song “Monkey and Bear,” this eerie fairy tale follows the adventures of a dancing bear and organ-grinding monkey who escape from the circus. Ebook files are compatible with most ereaders and devices, including Kindle.



Monkey and Bear have escaped from the circus…

…but what will they do now? Inspired by Joanna Newsom’s song “Monkey and Bear,” Bear Escapes follows an unusual couple as they free themselves from their master’s chains… only to discover they don’t share the same dream for their future.

First page preview:

It was a stroke of luck, really. Had the horses not gotten loose, had the stable boy not cried out, had Monkey not woken in time, none of this would’ve happened. Bear would’ve kept napping in the pasture all afternoon, and Monkey, too, until the caravan was repaired and it was time for the circus to get back on the road.

But, alas. The stable boy did cry out. “Someone come quick!” he called, and soon everyone in the farmer’s circus—the acrobats, the clown, the juggler and fortuneteller and even the farmer himself—were running across the field in pursuit of the horses. Meanwhile, the guards were nowhere to be seen and the pasture gate had been left open wide…

Meet the author, Bucket Siler

Bucket Siler is a writer, editor, and the founder of Santa Fe Zine Fest. Bear Escapes is her eighth zine. Previous zines include Pigtail Girls (2017), I Have a Song for You (2010), and Potentially Heartwrenching Distractions (2008). Her zines have sold about 2,000 copies at bookstores, distributions, and online shops around the world.

Siler’s work has also been traditionally published in Storm Cellar, Atticus Review, Bracken, The Offing, and others. She holds an MFA from the Rainier Writing Workshop and has been a Vermont Studio Center Fellow and the recipient of a Fulcrum Fund Award.

When she’s not writing or sleeping, she likes to wander around her neighborhood, drink tea, play chase-the-string with her fluffy tuxedo cat, and construct needlessly long sentences to get her point across. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, she has lived in New Mexico since 2006.