Pigtail Girls


A dark, feminist fairy tale inspired by the music of Tori Amos. Written by Bucket Siler with illustrations by Lindsay Payton. 48 pages, black and white, half letter size.

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In an uncanny landscape, perched on the edge of a deep ravine, thirteen girls reside in a crooked orphanage. The girls must keep their white dresses clean, do their chores, avoid fraternizing with boys, and, most importantly, stay out of the ravine: It’s rumored to be haunted by a witch.

The girls keep disappearing, though: In August, it was Justine Maiden; in September, Delphina. Finally, in October, when Marianne Maiden goes missing, her best friend Ellie—against all sound advice—sneaks into the ravine to find her, releasing a force so old, so wild, and so powerful that it threatens to destroy everything she knows.

Inspired by the music of Tori Amos, Bucket Siler’s Pigtail Girls draws on Greek and Irish mythology to invite us into a chilling and exquisitely rendered world, one where the questions raised—about resistance and submission, conformity and revolution—have no easy answers.

Thirteen stunning illustrations by Santa Fe, NM artist Lindsay Payton accompany the story, bringing a grotesquely playful visual dimension to Siler’s already vivid fantasy. What emerges from their collaboration is a uniquely dark, feminist fairy tale that balances horror, whimsy, and violence.

48 pages, black and white, half letter size, with cover art and 12 interior illustrations.

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