Ridiculously Detailed, Seriously Custom, No Bullshit Manuscript Critiques and Developmental Editing

This is you right now:

You've read just about everything you can get your hands on about the craft of fiction writing. You've tried, tried, and tried again to get your story off the ground. You know you have talent, and you're willing to work hard, but you're done fooling around with vague advice, simplistic how-to books, repetitive blog posts, and random feedback from your friends and family.

You're ready to get serious about your writing.

You need professional feedback from someone who gets you. Someone with the knowledge, experience, and skills to help you bring your writing to the next level. You don't want to write a story that's just "okay." You want to create a work of art that readers will fall in love with. A story that gets you noticed, gets you fans, and ultimately gets you published.

I help fiction writers create powerful stories.

I'll help you transform your manuscript into a flawless, page-turning story that readers won’t be able to put down. Can I guarantee a bestseller, critical praise, and millions of dollars? Um, no. Will I do all the work for you? Afraid not. But will you end up bursting with pride and satisfaction, and with a story readers are dying to read? Heck yes. I can help make that dream a reality.


"Raises your game every time."

Bucket is a phenomenally gifted developmental editor. Her incisive eye is particularly helpful in illuminating gaps in your character development and areas of improvement in your plot. She brings a deep knowledge of literary techniques and a rich toolbox of narrative strategies to her editorial task. Your manuscript will be immeasurably improved by your work with this editor. The Literary Architect raises your game every time.

— Ned Hayes, bestselling author of The Eagle Tree

"Her feedback was absolutely spot-on."

I’ve worked with Bucket on two occasions, and her feedback on my writing was absolutely spot-on. She provided me with a comprehensive evaluation of the piece, taking the time to articulate the strengths as well as the places where questions still lingered. My first piece was published in late 2014; the second was accepted shortly thereafter.

— Warren Read, award-winning author of Ash Falls

"What did I get out of working with Bucket? A polished story and a happy author (me)!"

— Tatyana Firsova, writer

"I love the way she hones in on the emotional center of the story."

After working with Bucket, I felt more in touch with the important layers of my story and my characters emotional lives. I was able to move away from distractions and into meaningful drama. I love the way she hones in on the emotional center of the story and goes from there. I'd recommend her services anyone who's having trouble developing a story concept and/or untangling a storyline they are struggling with.

— Dov Zeller, author of Itche & Are

“A copilot to my creative process.”

As a writer who frequently gives up on projects halfway through, I’ve been looking for someone like Bucket for a long time. I came to her with nothing more than a vague idea of the story I wanted to tell; with her help, I had a completed screenplay, ready for production, in a matter of months. She is an intelligent and skillful writer herself, and was able to act as a sort of copilot to my creative process. With her help I was able untangle and understand the mess of ideas in my head, and turn them into the tightest and most nuanced screenplay I have ever written.

Galen Hutchison, Filmmaker, Screenwriter

“Bucket’s process is totally unique."

Before hiring Bucket, I had stopped writing because I felt too overwhelmed with what wasn't working. As a passionate writer with very little literary training, I knew I needed some guidance but hated the idea of someone slashing through my unfinished manuscript and telling me why my unconventional story would never sell. Bucket immediately picked up on the problem areas I had sensed, and affirmed the strength of the juicy spots I liked best. Her process is totally unique, and her feedback is incredibly on-point and personalized. She returned my manuscript with a goldmine of observations about how I could tell the story I set out to tell, in a way that would connect with readers.

Devon Lang, writer

“The Literary Architect gave me a new direction when I hit a wall."

The Literary Architect gave me a new direction and passion for my novel-in-progress when I felt I’d hit a wall. Bucket immediately dove into the world of my story, closely examining my plot, characters, and theme, and brought a fresh, positive perspective to my work. Now I have a better focus for revision, and a deeper understanding of my own writing than ever before.

Kim Gryphon, writer


Step 1: Free email consultation

After you fill out my contact form, I'll be in touch to give you a quote, answer your questions, and discuss scheduling.

Step 2: Booking, contract, and deposit

We'll agree on a delivery date. You'll also sign a contract and pay a 50% deposit to reserve your position in my calendar.

Step 3: Story vision worksheet

You'll complete a detailed questionnaire about your story so I can get clear about your intentions, goals, and concerns before I dive into your manuscript. This is unique to working with me: most editors will read your manuscript "cold." I read every manuscript twiceonce cold, and a second time with a clear understanding of the writer's intentions. Why? To give you the best possible feedback, of course.

Step 4: The good stuff

I'll pore over your manuscript and compose a detailed critique that summarizes my assessment of your story and maps a way forward for your next draft. Depending on which package you choose (see below), I'll cover areas of plot, character, pacing, conflict, point of view, setting, style, and more.

Step 5: Delivery & final payment

I'll deliver your manuscript with my feedback, and you'll pay the remaining 50% of your invoice.

Step 6: Email support (4 weeks)

I'll be available via email to answer any quick questions that may come up for the next four weeks.


The Ultimate Manuscript Critique (starting at 3¢ per word)

My trademark critique dives deep into your story, covering issues of plot, character, pacing, conflict, point of view, setting, style, and more. You'll also get detailed margin comments on the manuscript itself. Don't mess around with cheap editors who read quickly and give off-the-cuff advice. My process honors your unique intentions, style, and skill set. I'll ask probing questions and give context for all my recommendations so you can make informed choices and grow as a writer.

Check out some examples of my work to get a feel for my style: Sample Critique #1, Sample Critique #2, Sample Margin Notes.

“There were creative writing teachers long before there were creative writing courses. They were called and continue to be called editors.”

–Kurt Vonnegut

Made it this far, and still unsure about working together? Check out my do-it-yourself editing guide The Complete Guide to Self-Editing for Fiction Writers. It walks you through the same process I use with my clients, for a fraction of the cost.