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Bucket Siler

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Um, sure, that sounds great... but who the hell are you?

Oh, dear. Did I forget that part? I apologize. Let me introduce myself:

I'm Bucket Siler. I'm a fiction writer and freelance editor. You might know me from my Tumblr blog (theliteraryarchitect), where I post writing advice and other writing-related stuffs. I've self-published a lot of books and zines, and I've also been traditionally published in several obscure (and not-so-obscure) literary magazines. I'm the founder of Santa Fe Zine Fest (in Santa Fe, NM). I'm also the author of The Complete Guide to Self-Editing for Fiction Writers. Feel free to cruise around my site and get to know me better, or just take the plunge and join my list anyway. It's probably the best way to get to know me and what I have to offer other writers (like you!). ๐Ÿ™‚

Bucket Siler

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